Banana Peel Cat Bed


Banana Peel Cat Bed

Banana Peel Cat Bed

Your cat will never want to leave the banana bed once they have jumped in!

✅ Meow you will never have to worry about where your cat is hiding away!
✅ This adorable interactive plush banana bed will make your cat feel secure and special. The unique pod type pet bed is calming for cats- as it provides a secure space to cuddle up and sleep.
✅ Your cat will love to jump in and out of the banana peel bed, and peek out at unsuspecting passerby’s. ??
✅ Open and close the banana peel with easy to use Velcro closures.
✅ 100% exterior and filling, wash with a small gentle cycle.

Banana Bed Size Info:

  • Small ? 15.75″, 5.91″, 3.94″ / 40*15*10cm For [Pets under 3 lbs ]
  • Medium ? 21.65″, 7.87″, 5.91″ / 55*20*15cm For [Pets 3-5.5 lbs]




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